Current Fave Beauty Podcast


Current Fave Beauty Podcast

hosted by kirbie johnson & sara tan

Gloss Angeles was created by two LA beauty editors giving their West Coast perspective on all things makeup, skincare, and wellness with a sprinkle of pop culture and celebrity. Listen to them pull back the curtain on beauty trends, treatments, and products in Hollywood — which can bet will make waves across the country (and world!) — and help you navigate the world of beauty.

Each week, they cover topics like how often you should be using retinol and vitamin C and answering questions like, “How does J. Lo actually defy the law of gravity?.” They also give our own take on the latest news in the industry, including influencer news, brand launches, and more. Plus, they have exclusive interviews with the who’s who of beauty experts in Hollywood — Renée Rouleau, Shani Darden, Jonathan Van Ness and Charlotte Cho to name a few.

We absolutely LOVE this podcast and highly recommend you add it to your listening list! 


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