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Founded by Samantha Ravndahl.

“Golden Together is what we live by. It’s the understanding that when we come together, we gain the most unique creations, inspiring discussions, and harmonious path forward. It’s honouring the fact that this requires a commitment to our community, planet, and beyond."


Founded by Desi Perkins.

"I wanted to be able to use the same skincare products on no-makeup days AND full glam days. So…I set out to make products that filled that need.
That’s how DEZI SKIN was born. Every product is completely custom. Built to change your skin and fit into all aspects of your lifestyle. Whether you’re running around bare faced, or going to an event with a full beat, you can rest assured that ALL of the DEZI SKIN products will work for any occasion."


Founded by Michelle Zeller.

“You’re sexy, real, and don’t tolerate any BS (including bad styling), so let go of what doesn’t serve you and come play with us at Mane Ivy. After collaborating with my color clients for 20 years, I’ve learned what women want out of life and their hair, and that’s confidence, indulgence, and growth. My products promote healthier hair while simplifying styling to look and feel effortlessly gorgeous."


Founded by Trish Mock.

"GOOD PSYCHE products sit at the intersection of beauty, cognitive health, and sexual wellness. We call this convergence immersive care. First developing formulas on her mother's medicinal herb farm in Western, N.Y. Trish felt compelled to pique the curiosity of those seeking to evolve, and demystify fungi and plant medicine. Her mother, Shannon, an herbalist and acupuncturist practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, provides consultation to guide our ingredients and formulas."


Founded by Daniel Kiyoi and Katey Hassan.

“Your skin has a different circadian rhythm than the rest of your body. When you go to bed, your skin wakes up and begins its most important functions: cellular repair and regeneration, counteracting environmental damage, and barrier repair. At night, your skin absorbs more nutrients and products can penetrate better, making this the time to apply your highest-performing skincare products. Inspired by JAPANDI, a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian cultures. "


Founded by Desi Perkins.

"DEZI was built upon the two main values of our founder, CEO & Artistic Director - Desi Perkins - values of creativity & confidence. We strive to deliver unique products that are built from the ground up. At the same time, we also pair luxury quality with affordable price points. So feel free to switch it up. Confidence has more than one look."